Errata: Mapping woes

There is a clash between the illustrations and the text in the chapter „Building your own world of MOA“. Thanks to Whidou for spotting this!

The issue is this: The text is completely correct, but the map suffered a) a transcription error when it was made pretty and b) once again when the map key was revised a bit to make it more legible. The blame is on me of course for not spotting it during the last review before printing.

The main issue stems from the fact that when my original map got prettied up, one outline went missing. Here is a picture of the whiteboard I originally threw the dice on, four-ish years ago:

As you can see, there is an extra outline in between the 6 and the two 1s, an outline that is missing in the version found in the book.

So, disregard the maps and the map keys and just focus on the text, that one is correct. We’ll fix this in a future PDF and the next print run.

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