Crowdfunding fulfillment nearly done

Hello Fellow Post Robbers!

the cover of Mail Order Apocalypse, featuring two post robbers wrestling with package drones and a humanoid robot.

I’ve seen via social media that some of you have already received their books. Thank you all again for backing this campaign and being so kind to me. My dashboard says that 94% of the backers have

If you are among those who were part of the Kickstarter, or have purchased the PDF or book otherwise: Please, if you enjoy the game, liked the book, or otherwise have kind words to say, please do so in the form of a DriveThruRPG or review! Or spread the word via social media, in forums, chats, or wherever you hang out! That would really help me in the long run.

Mail Order Apocalypse has been a really fun project for me, and I wouldn’t do anything different if I could redo it. It started out as a stupid pun, five years ago, and I am still blown away by the fact that you lot chipped in money to make it a reality.

But I also have to tell you: Don’t hobby-publish your own RPG if you’re in it for the money. I’m in the hole with about 1.000 Euro, if I tally up all costs over those five years. That is totally ok – those extra costs came because I wanted a shinier product than I calculated for when setting up the Kickstarter, and that is on me. (And frankly, totally worth it!) 

AND I have about 80 extra printed copies that are on sale through Pledgebox, plus the option of PDF sales, so with any luck and a bit of good word of mouth from all’y’all,  I’ll break even some time this year! 🙂

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