Survivor of the Week: Roving Genealogist

All of the fortunes of man must by definition belong to some man. Well, to someone at least. Even the most convoluted dutch-irish-sandwich-tax-evasion-scheme boils down to someone owning the stock portfolio eventually. The original person is of course long dead, but they have to had had an heir. And while that person is probably dead too, someone out there, probably even a few more people must be the rightful inheritors of mankind’s lost fortune.

You have made it your mission to trace back the bloodlines, to look at last wills and trusts, to find an heir who will be allowed into the fertile and rich lands, so the machines will once again serve us.

A Genealogist is sometimes revered, sometimes aided, but often ridiculed. They are armed with stacks of documents, memory sticks, well versed in ancient contracts. For that reason they often enough serve as arbitrators in disputes. Some of them hack into the machines databases, trying to glean insights into the ownership structures.

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