Mail Order Apocalypse (or MOA for short) is a dark future RPG where capitalism eventually shut all humans out. Paradise is within humanity’s reach, but our ancestors made sure we cannot afford it.

This is a game about survival, figuring out how to eke out an existence when the machines have claimed everything worth anything and are not it withus. They don’t hate us. They don’t want to kill anyone, but the laws humanity gave to them in the past don’t allow them to give us anything without us also paying for it. And we don’t have anything to pay with.

Survival takes the form of trying to make a living in the wastelands, trying to farm algae or to recycle the scraps we find. But the better way is to trick the machines:

Hijack their communication network, set up a fake address and then have a drone deliver your order while your credit score is still good. Or hold up one of those post trains that link the factories, overcome the guard machines and live richly!

Some have learned how to infiltrate the automated farms. One can live well there, provided the machines don’t recognize you as the pest you are.

And then there are those who live on the work of others, who raid settlements for their own gain.



Mail Order Apocalypse is the roleplaying game set in a post-apocalyptic future full of post robberies.

It’s written by me, JollyOrc. Cover picture by Alex Mayo